The mission of Wrenegade Sports is to whip up perfect combinations of health, social good, community and fun into unique and awesome events. 

Our guiding company principles are: 

  • To promote physical activity in a fun and supportive environment

  • To create achievable challenges for people of all ages and physical abilities

  • To leave our event host communities better than we found them

  • To use our events to do social good

our company

Based in Burlington, Vermont, Wrenegade Sports was formed in late 2013 and operates in the $1.4 billion domestic facility-free athletic event organization industry, producing and developing innovative sporting events. 

contact us

Wrenegade Sports, LLC
One Mill Street, Suite 300
Burlington, VT 05401
844-WRENEGADE (844-973-6342)

Photo credit Jon Devich, Epic Images

Photo credit Jon Devich, Epic Images

Wrenegade Sports founder and principal Tyler Wren brings 13 years of professional cycling industry experience to the company. During his decorated career as a professional rider from 2002 to 2014, Tyler represented and delivered marketing value to dozens of sponsors big and small, and developed a strong industry reputation and network of contacts. In between big rides around the world, Tyler graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Economics and Finance, and completed post-graduate work at the University at Albany School of Business. 

Tyler, in his own words: "Cycling has taken me to spectacular locations around the country and the world that I otherwise never would have seen. With Wrenegade Sports, I am working to share that same sense of discovery from the seat of a bicycle by creating exciting events in beautiful, secluded areas."

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